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Lego Nexo Knight Cake Tutorial

How to make a Lego Nexo Knight cake.

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How To Easy Peony

I have made Peony flowers many times the traditional way – by cutting, veining, frilling, wiring and drying each petal individually. They looked amazing – see… they also took F O R E V E R. Well maybe not that long but more time that this working mamma has to dedicate to cakey flowers as…

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5 Things – That’s all you need for a great kids party.

It seems to be party season around here with my kids coming home with an invitation to a birthday party most days this week! While the kids are thrilled it has raised some angst with the mums – kids parties seem to be a big stress thing for a lot of my mum friends. For…

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Combi Cake

Combivan Birthday Cake I made this little beauty this week, I say little because it is only a four inch round! The inspiration came from a fondant pieced three dimensional version that was intricate in detail and beyond what I could manage in time and talent. Instead I designed the Combi in Photoshop Elements.  I…

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Why Pocket Scrapbooking?

Becky Higgins Project Life has been around since 2010 and has revolutionised the scrapbooking world. Big words I know – but a fair assessment. Essentially Becky has provided a foundation for scrapbooks that is part creative genius and part 1980s pocket album. It gets memories recorded, fast AND satisfies all the urges for buying of pretty/shiny/glittery things…

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