2018 Christmas Card Challenge – Card 3

Kaisercraft First Noel – Card 3

For the basic supplies used to make the cards in the series, and to see the instructions for card 1, please refer to post one here.


  • Target White Metallic A6 Card
  • Christmas Tree Collectable from Kaisercraft First Noel Collectables
  • Gold Splatter on Black, Christmas Tree Print, Gold Foil paper and some scraps from previous cards, from the First Noel 6×6 Paper Pad
  • The circle frame cut from the base of Card 1
  • ‘Merry Christmas’ Sentiment from the Creative & Somewhat Useful download available here
  • Adhesive tape or glue



Cut a half inch strip from the Gold Splatter on Black paper – it should be on the off cut from the circle cut for Card 1. Cut this to fit the width of the base card.

Cut out the ‘Merry Christmas’ sentiment, using either a die or a paper trimmer. I’ve cut mine to about three quarters of an inch.

Using the dies and die cutting machine cut a circle the same size as that used in Card 1 – about three inches.

Cut a three inch strip from the Christmas Tree Print paper and cut it down to fit the front of the base card.

From the scraps available from cards 1 and 2, cut as many banner strips as needed to span the width of the card base. To cut the flag ends, fold the strip in half, with the print on the outer side, and cut diagonally from the outside corners to the folded mid point.


Glue the Christmas Tree Print strip to the centre of the front of the card base.

Position the Gold Splatter on Black paper strip across the card about a third of the way up from the bottom. Apply glue to the centre of the strip and tack it in place.

Position the Circle Frame, from Card 1, centred over the Christmas Tree Print strip, and also so it sits against the Gold Splatter strip. Adjust the positioning of both so there is sufficient room at the bottom of the card for the banner strips.

Apply a bit more glue if needed and secure both the top section of the strip and the circle frame in place. Leave the bottom edge of the strip loose enough to insert the banner strips underneath later.

Glue the Gold Splatter on Black circle in place inside the Circle Frame. There is no need to trim the bottom of the circle as it will sit under the Merry Christmas sentiment.

Insert the banner strips under the lower edge of the Gold Splatter on Black strip and glue in place.

Glue the Christmas Tree Collectable in place in the centre of the circle. I’ve placed it with the star over the top of the circle and the stem over the sentiment strip, but it could go completely inside the circle with a little trim. Put it where YOU like it.

Sit back and admire completed card number 3! Well done you.

Click here to go back to card 2 and here to go to Card 1.

Card 4 coming soon.

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