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The Truth About Looking After A Chronic Illness

In my experience, having a chronic diagnosis is like being given a badly trained, enormous, ill-tempered and exotic dog. Think Newfoundland crossed with a Mastiff. Now imagine knowing nothing about caring for dogs, having no time to train one and living in a small space with a your family of 4.  Your job is to keep it healthy, train it somehow, stop it from destroying everything, still do all your usual life stuff and leave the house dressed and with your hair brushed.

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What are essential oils & why do they work?

Essential oils are plants that have been distilled into a highly concentrated liquid. They therefore contain the compounds that keep plants alive and let them thrive. In humans they support body systems, health and well being.

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Why I Started Using Essential Oils

I started using essential oils over a year ago now and since then there are been a quiet, but steady, revolution happening in our house. Oils are now are our go-to for cleaning, medicine, stress relief and pretty much everything else – but why did I choose oils?

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Essential Oil Roller Bottle Recipies to Match Label Sets

Welcome to Creative & Somewhat Useful! These are the recipes I recommend to fill you roller bottles with once my label sets have been applied. First, a few tips on applying the labels. They are printed on quite thick adhesive paper. To get a good application I recommend ‘curling’ the label first, before applying it.… Read More

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How to Get & Stay Inspired

5 Things to Do to Get & Stay Inspired I was recently asked to give an inspirational speech, which left me at a loss really, as I don’t consider myself inspirational at all! Despite being far too normal to be inspirational, I have no trouble getting, or even staying, inspired. I have so many ideas… Read More

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Use Less Plastic

We are big fruit and veg eaters around here and every week we clean out the crisper bin at the bottom of the fridge. Every week what we throw out most is the plastic bags the fruit and veg came home from the supermarket in. The good news is that we don’t have a lot… Read More

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10 Things you Need to Know before you sell on Etsy

I recently opened a store on Etsy and even more recently made my first sale!  Getting to here took some work and a few mistakes along the way, so I thought I would share what I wish I had known before I sat down to start the process of filling in all the boxes on the… Read More

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A Story About Socks

  Of all the things I imagined my children might have challenges with socks was not one of them! Despite that shoes and socks can be the cause of a 20 minute battle that our morning routine really can’t accommodate. Our oldest boy has Sensory Processing Disorder, a complex and frustrating condition that effects the way… Read More

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A Little Bad is a Good Thing

I recently had a conversation with a friend about her 4 year old son and his newly discovered kleptomania. He had managed to steal something from Bunnings during their last visit. ‘What should I do?’ – she asked me. My advice was to put him back in the car and take him and the offending item… Read More

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Dirty Secrets of a Working Mother

I am a working mum of two loud, full speed, beautiful boys who are now 7 and 5. Just before Son One turned one I went back to work full time, because both my husband and I had been made redundant. It was the best choice for our family at the time. It was hard leaving him, and even harder… Read More

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