My name is Melinda and I live in Adelaide, South Australia – which, as the locals would say, is Heaps Good. I am a wife to Chris and a working Mum of our two outrageously beautiful boys. I work in the IT Industry and spend my days largely surrounded by nerdy men and computers. After work I like to scrapbook, take photographs, decorate cakes and lots of other creative and mostly girly things (some of them involving glitter).

I am creative in all sorts of ways – and it turns out a lot of them are useful. That’s why they are all here on my blog.

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  1. Congratulations Melinda on you beautiful business you are a very professional lady who is very creative. Also very kind to all you meet. May I wish you all the luck good wishes on your new adventure.

  2. Thank you so much Melinda for delivering what Chris forgot !! Poor guy was beside himself but to me there are more things in life to be stressed about. Thank you so much for the delivery and what a surprise!! The book is amazing and now I can really get to and organise my oily recipes and the little wallet an added bonus.I know anyone who purchases your book will be just as thrilled as I was.
    Blessings Beth

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