2018 Christmas Card Challenge – Card 2

Kaisercraft First Noel – Card 2

Welcome back! If you missed Card 1 in this series you can find it here.

For the basic supplies used to make the cards in the series, and to see the instructions for card 1, please refer to post one here.

Kaisercraft Square Card in Black
Large Angel & ‘Joyful’ Collectables from Kaisercraft First Noel Collectables
Black & White Scallop Border piece from the back of the paper pad.
Gold Star on White and Gold Foil paper from the First Noel 6×6 Paper Pad
The circle cut from the base of Card 1
Adhesive tape or glue



Cut a half inch strip from both the Gold Foil paper – there should be enough on the off cut from the circle cut for Card 1.

Cut a three inch strip from the Gold Star on White paper, and then cut the small circle from that strip. I do it this way for two reasons – so it will fit easily though the Die Cutting Machine, and to preserve as much paper as possible.

Glue the Angel to the small circle just cut above, so it is positioned behind her wings and head. So pretty!


Glue the Gold Foil strip about an inch and a half from the bottom of the card. I say ‘about’ and I mean it. No craft project ever benefited from being strictly governed by a ruler. Those things are total fun-suckers. Use your eyeballs and put it where looks good. Put the Angel on there loosely if you need a guide to make sure she will fit.

Carefully push out the Black and white Scallop banner from the last page of the First Noel 6×6 Paper Pad. They are punched so there is no need for scissors but the scoring isn’t perfect so take care.

Glue the Scallop Banner just under the Gold Foil strip. I used a glue stick to do these, but tape would work just as well.

Position the flat edge of the white circle piece, cut from the card base used for Card 1, against the Gold Foil strip and just to the left of the right-had edge of the black base card. It really doesn’t matter if it matches the width of her skirt perfectly or not. That was a fluke I promise. You can always trim it a bit if need be.

Position the skirt of the Angel against the circle edge and glue in place.

Add the ‘Joyful’ Collectable to the top left-hand side and glue in place. There was much discussion form the peanut gallery here (AKA my boys) about where this looked best. #1 Son prefers it just above the Gold Foil Strip near the bottom of her skirt and #2 Son prefers it where it is at the top. You put it where YOU like it πŸ™‚

Sit back and admire completed card number 2! Well done you.

Card 3 coming soon. Stay tuned!

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