2018 Christmas Card Challenge – Card 6

Kaisercraft First Noel – Card 6

For the basic supplies used to make the cards in the series, and to see the instructions for card 1, please refer to post one here.


  • Target White Metallic A6 Card Base
  • Two Christmas Bauble, one Heart and one Small Tag Collectable from Kaisercraft First Noel Collectables
  • Red and White Baker’s Twine – I picked this one up at Ikea
  • Foam Tape
  • Glue, I use Ranger’s Glossy Accents. It provides a strong bond and dries clear.


  • Scissors


This design couldn’t be more simple!

Cut two pieces of double sided foam tape to the back of the Heart Collectable. Repeat that on the back of the Small Tag Collectable. I used the ‘These Days are decorated with love and joy’ tag.

Tie three small bows using the Baker’s Twine.


Leaving space for the Heart Collectable, position the two Chirstmas Bauble Collectables where they look best to you, and adhere them to the card base.

Remove the tape from the back of the foam tape on the Heart Collectable and adhere it to the card base.

Cut three pieces of Baker’s Twine long enough to ‘hang’ the Collectables from the top of the card base, plus a little overhang.

Using a (very) small amount of glue, adhere the Baker’s Twine in place, with the extra length hanging over the top edge of the card base. Small dots of glue along the length of the twine is better than a long line of glue.

Wait for the glue to dry. Trust me, I hate waiting as much as you do, but don’t be tempted to trim it now. The darn thing will move and stick itself in the wrong place.

When the glue is dried, trim the Baker’s Twine to the top of the card base. I congratulate you on your patience 🙂

Adhere the three bows you tied earlier in place.

Remove the tape from the back of the foam tape on the Small Tag Collectable and adhere it to the card base where you think it looks best.

Sit back and admire completed card number 6! Well done you.

Click here to go back to card 5. Card 7 coming soon.


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