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I asked my beautiful Mother In Law to make me some crochet rounds once and instead of doing that for me, she gave me a set of crochet hooks for Christmas! Luckily for me it came with free lessons – and it very quickly became a new hobby. I really enjoy the rhythm of it. When you master a pattern it can be methodically hypnotic and I find it very calming. I also like how portable it is, I can take a ball of wool and a hook anywhere! Plus it is really good therapy for my arthritic hands.

I have a few projects on the go. I started a blanket a few weeks before we were asked to ‘shelter in place’ that I’ll share in a later post. It’s an ongoing project that keeps me busy in the evenings. Given that I’ve really been enjoying crochet I popped into my local newsagent, in the last days popping anywhere was acceptable, and bought the January 2020 edition of  Love Crochet magazine. It had the cutest little cat toy on the cover and included the wool and materials to make her, plus I have always wanted to try making toys.

It took me a few days of hooking, and a fair bit of ‘frogging’ (that’s where you ‘rip it, rip it’ and unpick your stitches), but I finally finished her. So cute!

I gave her to the little girl who lives next door, who apparently named her ‘Mophie’, which is Sophie in cat language. She was promoted to bedtime companion immediately, which I am assured is the highest honour. I’m calling that a success!

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