My Oily Record Book

Do you have your favourite essential recipes scribbled on Post-It notes? Written in 5 different notebooks (because you can’t find the first one again when you need it)? Do you have oil information about blends, properties, how-tos and other useful stuff you want to remember pinned, tagged, stuck, torn out or scribbled in the back of your diary? Have you lost that awesome website you found ages ago and want to tell your friend about?  Yup. Me too!

That is why I created ‘My Oily Record Book‘. I actually didn’t mean to. I set out to create a place for me to keep all of my essential oil bits and pieces and somewhere in there it become something to share. I knew what I wanted to make, but boy was it hard work! Finding the folders alone took hours and they were way more expensive than I anticipated. In the end I had to have them made and after all of that they are PERFECT and exactly what I wanted. Plus it’s pretty 🙂 Just look…..

If you are new to essential oils the Oily Knowledge section provides information on:

    • how and why essential oils work,
    • what to look for when purchasing,
    • dilution ratios,
    • carrier oils,
    • where and how to use and apply essential oils,
    • oil properties and
    • what containers to use.

If you are not new to oils this section provides all that information in one place to make it easier to not only refer to yourself, but to share confidently with your new oil users.

There is a section on Roller Blends, Diffuser Blends, Skin & Beauty and Cleaning. Each section provides my favourite recipes and space to record yours. There is also a Wish List section with space to record the oils and materials you want to buy, why and even who or what for – its easy to forget at order time why you wanted an oil!

The book is designed to help you organise all those oily thoughts and ideas and keep track of your favourite blends, uses and wish list items.

The book is A5 size, small enough to be portable buy big enough to be able to write comfortably in it and still read the text. There are 110 thoughtfully designed pages, Printed in full colour on good quality, heavy weight paper (100gsm), to make sure you pen doesn’t bleed through to the other side (I hate when that happens!).

It contains 5 dividers to separate the sections and comes bound in a custom designed, frosted, two ring binder, to allow you to easily add pages, articles or clippings yourself when needed.

If you are interested in essential oils, a novice or an essential oil super hero then this book is for you! I’m pretty sure this is your new best oily friend.

You can purchase your very own copy here in the shop or using the link below. *EDIT* I have extended introductory price of $30 until July 15th! **

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