Lego Nexo Knight Cake Tutorial


My latest cake adventure has been into the world of Lego Nexo Knights. Before this week I hadn’t heard of them myself, but my two Lego crazed boys knew ALL about them. This particular request was for Aaron, the green knight, apparently the cool one – he has a hoverboard and everything! So, welcome to the world of Lego Nexo and I hope you find this tutorial somewhat useful.


You will need:

Step 1 – Meet Aaron, super cool Lego Nexo Knight who rides a hoverboard. Before you start decorating, bake your cakes. I used five layers filled with buttercream. While that bakes, find a tin or cylindrical object the right size to form the visor on. It needs to be about 2.5cm larger in diametre than your cake tin.

Step 2 – Before starting on the sugary goodness of decorating, the visor needs to be made first, as it will need time to set. Before making the visor itself, a plastic support for the visor needs to be assembled or the darn thing just will NOT stay in one piece. Trust me here, you can’t fight the laws of physics. To make the plastic visor support start with a laminator sheet. Cut it into quarters longways and place one strip INSIDE another, then pass it through the laminator so all four layers are sandwiched together.

Step 3 – As the strip exits the laminator, pull it around towards you, so it sets with an arc. This will make it easier to attach to the curved visor when you make it from fondant later. Repeat step 2 and 3 with the last two strips of laminator sheet so the final piece has 8 layers of plastic and is fairly stiff.

Step 4 – Cut the plastic strip to match the outline of the Lego Nexo Knight Visor Template, allowing it to extend about 3cm past each end. Stand it on it’s edge to preserve the curve and set it aside for now. The template provided is for Nexo Knight Aaron. Each Nexo Knight has a different visor design. You can meet the different Lego Nexo Knight characters here and use this same technique to make a visor for a different character if needed.

Step 5 – Cover the tin you plan to set the visor on in aluminium foil and find something to sit it inside so it doesn’t roll away. I used and ice-cream container. Roll out a piece of fondant, with CMC powder added, or use gum paste if you prefer. Keep it fairly thick, about 1.5 to 2cm. Place the template on top of the fondant and use a craft knife to cut out the visor shape. Carefully lift the cut visor onto the covered tin and allow it to dry a little before painting the top and sides with silver edible paint. Allow the visor to dry and harden, overnight is preferable.

Step 6 – When the visor is completely dry carefully slide the plastic visor support under the fondant and adhere it with a small amount of sugar glue. Leave it to dry.

Step 7 – Level four of the five layers of cake. leave the fifth top layer unlevelled, to provide the domed top for the head and trim the edges into a gentle curve.

Step 8 – Stack and fill the cake. Cut a wedge of cake for the light on the top of the helmet and add it to the top of the cake using some buttercream.

Step 9 – Crumb coat the cake and allow it to set to a crust.

Step 10 – Roll a piece of yellow fondant fairly thin and cut into a rectangle to fit one side of the cake. This is where the face will sit, so make sure it is big enough to cover the Nexo Knight Face Cut Out Template.

Step 11 – Adhere the rectangle of yellow fondant to the front of the cake with piping gel, making sure the centre aligns with the centre of the wedge on the top.

Step 12 – Pin the Nexo Knight Face Cut Out Template on top of the rectangle of yellow fondant.

Step 13 – Make temporary marks on the cake board that align with the marks provided on the Nexo Knight Face Cut Out Template. This will help later with the tricky part of cutting out the helmet opening.

Step 14 – Roll out the green fondant and cover the cake, taking care not to use any piping gel or any other adhesive over the yellow portion of the cake.

Step 15 – Pin the Nexo Knight Face Cut Out Template to the front of the cake, aligning the arrows again with the marks made on the cake board in step 13.

Step 16 – Use a craft knife to cut out the top layer of green fondant to expose the yellow piece beneath and create the helmet opening. Take care not to cut too deeply and mark the yellow fondant. Leaver the cut piece out of the opening with the knife to remove it.

Step 17 – Roll out a thin piece of both black and white fondant. Using the Nexo Knight Face Template trace the outline of the mouth and eyes onto the black fondant using a pointed modelling tool and just enough pressure to indent the fondant. Cut out the using a craft knife and cover and set aside. Repeat the indent and cut process with the white fondant to create the inside of the mouth, lay the black piece over the top of the white and adhere with a very, very small amount of sugar glue – too much will cause the black colour to run all over the white.

Step 18 – Position the face inside the helmet opening with a little sugar glue as possible. Use pins to stop the pieces slipping while the glue sets. Roll the dimples and freckles out of orange fondant and position them to complete the face. Step back and admire Aaron, he’s kinda cute!

Step 19 – Use a ball tool to create two indents straight down the front of the helmet from the sides of the top wedge to the notches at the top of the helmet opening. You can get all fancy here and decorate the helmet more if you like, if you are more familiar with these Nexo Knights than I am!

Step 20 – Marble together some yellow and green fondant, roll and cut to fit the front of the top wedge to resemble a light using a little sugar glue. Edge this piece with a few ropes of green fondant to give it some depth.

Step 21 – Position the Lego Nexo Knight Visor Template on the front of the helmet and using some pins mark the cake where it needs to be attached on the sides. Remove the template.

Step 22 – Insert at least four toothpicks along the top edge of the helmet opening, these will be used to sit the visor on and stop it slipping. Carefully lift the visor onto the cake and secure to the sides with piping gel and pins through the bit of plastic that was left extending at each end in step 4. Make sure the visor is sitting securely on top of the toothpicks.

Step 23 – Using cookie cutters cut two circles and two hexagons out of grey fondant. Adhere a hexagon on top of each circle with a little sugar glue and position these over the sides of the visor so they hide the pins that secure it to the helmet.

Step 24 – Roll a half inch wide rope of green fondant long enough to fit around the base of the helmet and adhere it with sugar glue. Decorate the back of the helmet with a few more of these to add some detail. I made a paste out of softened fondant and water and painted it over the whole helmet to give it a ‘battle worn’ look too (and to hide a few dents I made in the fondant along the way – remember to remove your rings before you start to avoid the same).

Step 25 – Meet Aaron, super cool Lego Nexo Knight! Get the camera out and take a photo of your brilliant work, and share your success in the comments below.

Happy caking!






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